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What Happens When Packing is the Last Thing on your Mind?

What to take on a cruise is a no brainer for me because we go every year, especially in winter to the Caribbean. Just open the 'summer' drawer and pack most of it. But what happens when suddenly, packing is the last thing on your mind? Even my cruise planner [...]

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Going on a Cruise is the Best to Celebrate Special Occasions

Let me suggest going on a cruise to celebrate these 7 special occasions because I'm sure everyone involved would be delighted. Are you planning any of these? 1. Unforgettable Christmas Gift Imagine the excitement when you tell your family they'll be spending Christmas on a cruise the Caribbean! Escape [...]

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A Cruise is the Best Way to See Amazing Norway Fjords

A cruise to Norway Fjords had been on my bucket list and OMG! I was not disappointed. The scenery is absolutely amazing. Makes you feel very small! In June 2013, we took a 12-day North Cape & Norwegian Fjords Cruise on the Caribbean Princess and it was the most breath-taking [...]

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When is the Best Time to Cruise the Caribbean?

It depends! Don't you just hate it when someone gives you this vague answer :) Keep on reading and I'll narrow it down for you. The best time to cruise the Caribbean is really when it's convenient for you and based on a few factors, such as budget, availability, kids [...]

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20 Fun Facts About the Caribbean You Need to Know

Do you like trivia? Ok then you DO need to know these facts about the Caribbean! If not, well you can always impress your friends! :) These little tidbits are not usually something you'll find in wikipedia. I learned them from our cruises, our shore excursions and other passengers. Enjoy! [...]

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How to talk like a cruise pro: The lingo you need to know!

It's not a boat, it's a ship! If you're new to cruising, you might get confused with all the cruise lingo you find on Facebook groups, brochures or cruise line websites. Acronyms such as MDR or OBC will have you scratch your head. When we first started to cruise, 30 [...]

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