How to talk like a cruise pro: The lingo you need to know!

It's not a boat, it's a ship! If you're new to cruising, you might get confused with all the cruise lingo you find on Facebook groups, brochures or cruise line websites. Acronyms such as MDR or OBC will have you scratch your head. When we first started to cruise, 30 somewhat years ago, there were no social media or Google to enlighten us. It took some time to understand it all. 🙂 [...]

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What to Wear on Cruises? The Truth Will Make You Happy

First time cruisers probably worry about what to pack for a Caribbean cruise. It could be scary as you have no idea what to wear and you don't want to stand out like a sore thumb. You see ads online, on TV, in magazine of beautiful, perfect body, well dressed men and women strolling on the promenade deck or sitting on their balcony. I'm happy to report that this is not the [...]

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Do you Need a List of the Best Attractions on Grand Cayman?

At a Glance The Caymans include 3 islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Combined they take up 102 square miles. This British territory is located Northwest of Jamaica and South of Cuba. Cruise ships are anchored off Grand Cayman (the largest) port, meaning passengers are transferred ashore via ships' tender boats. The piers are right downtown George Town, which can be explored on foot. Taxis are also available. The weather [...]

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Earn Free Money to Spend on your Next Cruise

Yes! you read that right, free money, or commonly called 'onboard credit' (OBC for short) in the cruise industry. I got really excited before our last cruise when my husband told me we had $900.00 to spend onboard Caribbean Princess!  Woot woot! I’ll concentrate on how we got Princess Cruises onboard credit but most cruise lines do offer ways to earn them. So how the heck did we accumulate so much and [...]

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Here are the Most Popular Things to do on Aruba

At a Glance The Aruba cruise port is located in the Southern Caribbean, this island is 20 miles long and is North of Venezuela and East of Colombia. Aruba’s climate is warm, dry and sunny.  Temperatures remain around 82F.  It lies outside the hurricane belt. In 1986, it became its own country, although it still remains a Dutch protectorate.  The languages are Dutch and Papiamento, a local dialect. The U.S. dollar is [...]

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Regal Princess Review – Balcony Cabin D626

I never wrote a review of any kind ever, but there's a first time for everything, so without further ado, I'm happy to give you my Regal Princess review Cabin D626.  We had cruised on her before but in November 2018, I took tons of pictures in preparation for this post. The Regal Princess, along with the Royal and the Majestic are part of a new class of ships in the Princess [...]

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