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Let me suggest going on a cruise to celebrate these 7 special occasions because I’m sure everyone involved would be delighted.

Are you planning any of these?

1. Unforgettable Christmas Gift

Imagine the excitement when you tell your family they’ll be spending Christmas on a cruise ship…in the Caribbean!

Escape the cold of winter for a short period. Bathing suits and flip flops instead of boots and winter coats….yes!

You can expect to pay more for this time of the year. But you’ll be creating wonderful memories for your children.

We started taking our daughter on a cruise at Christmas when she was 7 years old. I would wrap little presents and hide them in my suitcase until the 25th and we would have our own little celebration.

The ships are all decked out during the holiday cruises and the festivities are abound.

2. Wedding Anniversary Celebration

You’ve been married for an x number of years and therefore want to make the occasion special. Then go on and enjoy a romantic cruise for two.

Book a balcony stateroom and make sure you order the Ultimate Balcony Dining on Princess Cruise Ships. You’ll get fresh flowers, champagne and a deluxe 4-course meal served by your own waiters.

3. Vow Renewal Package

Renewing vows on a cruise ship is possible, at an extra charge, therefore you need to check the cruise lines, as prices would differs from one to another. Please note that you need to show proof of a valid marriage.

It’s a group ceremony and usually includes flowers, portrait, champagne and more, depending on the cruise line.

As of the date of this post, Princess Cruises is attempting to set the world record for vow renewals at sea. This 2020 Valentine cruise will feature stars from “The Love Boat” and special on board events. 

4. Honeymoon Cruises

It goes without saying that choosing a cruise for your honeymoon sounds so romantic! Even if there are many passengers onboard, you’ll find secluded areas to be alone.

Cruise Lines offer Honeymoon Packages to celebrate in style. Check the cruise line websites for prices.

5. Super Bowl

Yep! you read it right…this next February, will be the 7th Super Bowl my husband watches on the huge outdoor screen on Princess.

Regal Princess Movies Under the Stars
Big Screen on Princess Cruise Ships

This is a very big event on the ship. Actually, I call it a cult!

My husband will go down around 8am to pick and choose the best location and deck chair where he’ll spend the whole day and evening!

I don’t watch the game so I get the whole day to myself 🙂 but I certainly go check on him once in a while.

He always meets other fans sitting next to him and they alternate keeping their chairs safe while they go get food or go to the bathroom.

6. Birthday

I’ve been lucky to celebrate my 50th and 70th birthdays on a cruise in Alaska!

The first cruise was a combo of cruise, train land tour and a few days in Fairbanks. It was amazing, the weather was beautiful and warm. I was in shorts when we made it to the Arctic Circle!

The 2nd time was shorter and the weather was not as good. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves visiting different ports.

Going on a cruise made these milestones very special and memorable. I would recommend it 🙂

7. Family Reunion

A cruise is ideal for family reunions because everyone can do their own thing during the day and the meet for dinner and catch up.

A friend of mine went on 2 such cruises and another one is planned for next year.

The first one, set up by her sister’s husband’s family, was huge, with over 70 cabins booked! 

The second cruise was for a wedding.  This was a second marriage for both and they wanted a destination type wedding where their friends and family could join in their celebration.  As a result, 70 people attended.

That same friend’s son is organizing a 7-day cruise to celebrate his sister’s High School graduation and his girlfriend’s College graduation and he wants both sides of the family to be onboard.

He chose cruising because he loves how there is something for everybody to do or not do; also everyone can either spread out or hang out together. 

thank you Cynthia for the pictures

For instance, the older generation can spend time at the piano bar singing tunes of yesteryear, while the younger generation could be in the club, and the in-betweeners would be at the casino and everywhere else!

Did you know...

Large groups get perks; my friend’s group ended up getting one hour in the club just for them with open bar!!! The coordinator can get a free cruise, based on the number of cabins sold. Go to each cruise line’s website to see what’s incuded.

In my friend’s own words:

I suppose, when you take all of the above into account, the real reason a cruise worked out so great for these types of occasions is because we made fun-filled memories that will last a lifetime, and that’s what life and family are all about!

Cynthia Hall – 385Life.com

thank you Cynthia

Looking for inspiration to create wonderful memories on a special occasion? Going on a cruise is definitely a great idea to explore.

Are you planning an event? Please share with us in the comments.

Happy Cruising!