When is the Best Time to Cruise the Caribbean?

It depends! Don't you just hate it when someone gives you this vague answer :) Keep on reading and I'll narrow it down for you. The best time to cruise the Caribbean is really when it's convenient for you and based on a few factors, such as budget, availability, kids [...]

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20 Fun Facts About the Caribbean You Need to Know

Do you like trivia? Ok then you DO need to know these facts about the Caribbean! If not, well you can always impress your friends! :) These little tidbits are not usually something you'll find in wikipedia. I learned them from our cruises, our shore excursions and other passengers. Enjoy! [...]

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Do you Need a List of the Best Attractions on Grand Cayman?

At a Glance The Caymans include 3 islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Combined they take up 102 square miles. This British territory is located Northwest of Jamaica and South of Cuba. Cruise ships are anchored off Grand Cayman (the largest) port, meaning passengers are transferred ashore via [...]

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Here are the Most Popular Things to do on Aruba

At a Glance The Aruba cruise port is located in the Southern Caribbean, this island is 20 miles long and is North of Venezuela and East of Colombia. Aruba’s climate is warm, dry and sunny.  Temperatures remain around 82F.  It lies outside the hurricane belt. In 1986, it became its [...]

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6 Beautiful Caribbean Beaches you Need to Know About

After cruising to the Caribbean so many times, these 6 Caribbean beaches are my favorite to visit over and over, but for different reasons. Most of the time, we go snorkeling when we go ashore.  But sometimes it's not possible.  So we find a beautiful beach to just enjoy the [...]

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10 of the Most Popular Islands in the Caribbean for Cruisers

We've visited most of the popular Caribbean islands while on our numerous cruises over the years...I think the only ones we haven't cruised to are St-Bart and Ste-Croix. One day we'll make our way there. Let's take a look Aruba This is one of my favorite island to go snorkeling. [...]

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