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You have no idea where to begin.

I’d like to help you through all your cruising questions and concerns. 

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Compare Popular Cruise Lines

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How to Plan your Cruise

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Lise Galipeau | Cruise Obsessed

Hi! My name is Lise.

My first cruise was back in 1992 when my husband and I boarded The Old Noordam on a 10-Day Caribbean Cruise, and we were hooked! We’ve never looked back. Cruises allow us to span the globe. 46 cruises later, and we’re still going strong.

And you’re lucky, because today you have a variety of cruise lines to choose from, catering to all types.You can pick from 80s cruises, Salsa cruises, couples’ cruises, family cruises; you name it, there’s a cruise for it!

As you can see, cruising is suitable for all ages. It’s no longer just for the seasoned senior citizen.

My husband and I are cruise addicts, for sure, and I can talk about them endlessly. I was a travel agent for many years and I find helping others exciting; it comes naturally to me. I plan to turn you into a convert!! Read More

What do you think? Will you become cruise obsessed too?

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