The Best Three Books Set On a Cruise Ship

There’s nothing better than being on a cruise ship. That’s an indisputable fact.

But not all of us are fortunate enough to live the cruise life full-time. So when we’re on dry land, we have to settle for the next best thing to being on a cruise ship: fantasizing about being on a cruise ship. And one of my favorite ways to fuel those fantasies is by reading fun, escapist novels that take place on a cruise.

Here are three cruise-related novels I read recently that made me feel like I was about to set sail.

The Floating Feldmans

by Elyssa Friedland

If you’ve ever taken a cruise with your extended family, I think you’ll appreciate the hijinks that takes place in The Floating Feldmans. The story follows several members of the dysfunctional Feldman family as they cruise around the Caribbean on a massive ocean liner. The trip starts off as a celebration for the Feldman matriarch’s seventieth birthday, but as family secrets are revealed and sibling rivalries emerge, the festive atmosphere turns turbulent – and I’m not talking about rough seas.

Ultimately, it’s a touching story that had me laughing out loud more than a couple of times.

It also really reminded me of cruising on Royal Caribbean, from the Promenade to the dining rooms to the nightly entertainment. We even get a peek into the thoughts of the cruise director, which really gave me a deep appreciation for everything those hard-working cruise employees go through to make sure the passengers have an amazing time.


by Angie Hockman

The Galapagos Islands is a destination that is high up on my bucket list, and after reading Shipped, I decided that I definitely want to see them on a cruise. Why? Well, aside from the fact that cruises are the best vacations, there is a particularly amorous scene that takes place in a stateroom… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Dirty thoughts aside, though, the author does an incredible job of depicting not only the cruise life, but the wildlife of the Galapagos. The imagery is so vivid, it often felt like I was right there witnessing tortoises and sea lions and penguins in their natural environment.

It made me want to take a cruise with Lindblad Expeditions, and in particular, their Wild Galapagos Escape itinerary. An all-suite ship? Sign me up.

Smart Girl Summer

by Kristin Rockaway

Full disclosure: I wrote this book.

Yes, I moonlight as author Kristin Rockaway, so this is absolutely a shameless plug for my book. But you know all that passion I have for travel and cruising? I poured it into Smart Girl Summer. And if you like my blog, you might like my novel, too.

Smart Girl Summer is about a woman who takes a job as a full-time traveling tutor for the daughter of a billionaire. Which means she gets to spend her summer sailing around the Mediterranean on a superyacht. Along the way, she visits Barcelona, Mallorca, Capri, and various spots on the French Riviera. And she may or may not find love at the end of the story. (Spoiler alert: she finds love.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking: a superyacht is not a cruise ship. Touché.

But have you seen the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection? It’s like a superyacht and a luxury ocean liner had a big, beautiful baby. And they have a lot of amazing Mediterranean itineraries that visit many of the same ports that are described in Smart Girl Summer. So there.

Make Your Cruise Fantasy a Reality

Not only am I a blogger and an author, but I’m also a legit travel advisor. So if you’re looking to get your nose out of a book and onto a cruise ship, I can help you pick out the very best itinerary on the very best cruise line at the very best time.

Whether you want a family vacation with Royal Caribbean, an active adventure with Lindblad Expeditions, an ultra-luxe experience with the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, or something else entirely, I’m here for you. I’ve got industry connections and insider knowledge, so when you plan your cruise with me, you’re in good hands.

Drop me a line on my contact form at Novel World Travel and I’ll get back to you soon. Let’s make your cruise dreams come true.

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